The B-Aware Foundation connects the arts & entertainment industries to the health care industry and the community. We aim to bring awareness to the communities that we live, work, and play in. In the past, we’ve focused our energy on large scale awareness events like the A-Town Day healthcare & awareness festival series that took place at Turner Field, Lakewood Amphitheater, Morris Brown, Auburn Avenue, and Booker T. Washington high school. The B-Aware Foundation realizes the need for community appreciation and we want people to be proud of their surroundings and take pride in their neighborhoods. This is the reason why we’ve partnered with one of Atlanta’s premier visual artists by the name of ERIC NINE, to bring the Beautification Project to life.


ERIC NINE (@ERIC_NINE) is at the forefront of Atlanta’s visual art scene, he explores the intersection of popular urban culture and socio-political issues. He is a distinguished visual artist, graphic designer, muralists, and creative director residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Eric’s frenetic pen lines and loose water-based mixed media art style has been recognized, revered and sought after by numerous industries; his constantly growing list of clients have spanned globally including original works for murals, branding, print, web, sneakers and other apparel items. Eric is an established freelance artist with a loyal following that knows him for his consistency. Eric has partnered with numerous brands and created murals and visual activations for various types of organizations, below we’ve listed a few of his collaborations.


Beautification is the process of making visual improvements to a town, city or urban area. Beautification projects are often undertaken by city councils to refurbish their downtown areas, in order to boost tourism, foot traffic and other areas of commerce. We plan on giving dilapidated buildings a fresh coat of positive paint that will beautify the area and uplift the energy in the neighborhood. We are open to collaborating on the creative concepts and following your lead or pitching original ideas that follow Eric 9’s known styles that incorporate colorful flower patterns that are sure to brighten up any area! We look forward to bringing the beautification project and the Positive Paint Initiative to your community in the near future. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.