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The B-AWARE FOUNDATION connects the arts and entertainment industry to the health care industry and community. We aim to bring AWARENESS to the communities that we live, work, and play in. We must make information readily available to those who search for it, and those who ignore it.


THE B-AWARE FOUNDATION realizes the need for AWARENESS and we want people to BE AWARE of the circumstances and consequences surrounding their decisions. If we spend more time discussing preventive maintenance the end result won’t be so devastating. With creative and groundbreaking events like A-TOWN DAY, we bring AWARENESS to topics from sickle cell and kidney failure to voter registration and diabetes. I lost my father in 2005 to diabetes complications and I feel that if he paid more attention to his illness, he would still be here. We have initiatives like Clothes Minded and Feed the Need that have been helping Atlanta’s underserved communities since 2007. In 2020 we’re launching brand new Initiatives like Mood Music, Community Clean up Day and the Positive Paint Initiative. We’re also going to bring A-Town Day back to the city in the very near future.  We must make sure that everyone has access to the pertinent information that can save lives, enrich our society, and lead to a healthier happier more prosperous life!

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